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Dec 18, 2012 10:00pm PST
in captivity in syria. the network says reporter richard engel, his cameraman and producer were freed when a rebel group killed two of their kidnappers at a checkpoint. the network said the team was bound and blindfolded but not harmed. there was no claim of responsibility or ransom demands. >>> the fiscal cliff is now just two weeks away. john boehner rolled out plan b. he'll take his plan directly to the house floor with a bill to extend the low bush era tax rates for all americans making less than $1 million a year. democrats are calling the plan a farce. >> we do not have a balanced plan when the president is calling for $1.3 trillion in revenue and only willing to put $850 billion worth of cuts over ten years. >> every time we get down to doing something for the long-term financial security of this country, they take that football, and it's a charley brown episode. they jerk the ball away. this is what they're doing again. >> the latest cbs news poll shows only half of americans think a fiscal cliff deal will be made before the december 31st deadline. >>> mark zuckerberg 's massive
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm PST
cadena hermana nbc, "richard engel" y cuatro miembros de su equipo de produccin escaparon ilesos tras cinco das de cautiverio en siria take vo ---los periodistas haban sido capturados por hombres armados y encapuchados poco despus de ingresar a siria desde turqua el jueves pasado. ---engel dice que el lunes, cuando eran trasladados de un lugar a otro, se encontraron con un retn de rebeldes donde hubo un intercambio de fuego y logr escapar ---se conocio que un traductor del equipo murio, mientras que los periodistas fueron torturados sicologicamen te. blanca --la ciudad de berkeley se pronuncio en contra del uso de aviones no tripulados para combatir la delincuencia... take vo ---el concejo de la ciudad planea declarar la ciudad como "libre de drones" que es como se conoce a este tipo de naves. ---esto se da luego de que varios residentes protestaran por la decision del condado de alameda de adquirir aviones no tripulados para vigilar sus ciudades. ---el jefe de la policia de berkeley dijo que no esta en sus planes adquirir este tipo de aviones. cesar ---en medio de la tristeza que viv
Dec 19, 2012 3:00am PST
and mark levine and barney frank and david shuster. check that out this morning. richard engel was partying in turkey because he was freed after five harrowing days of captivity, the best foreign correspondent on the planet working for nbc, just incredible. does great, great reporting, fearless and shows up everywhere. he was in syria. let him tell what happened to him and his team. >> we were driving in syria about five days ago we were with some of the rebels. as we were moving down the road a group of gunman just jumped out of the trees and bushes. there were probably 15 gunmen wearing ski masks, heavily harmed. they dragged us out of the car. they put us in the container truck. >> can you imagine? really, really scary. he said there was no physical torture but psychological torture for sure. you wouldn't get me in a situation like that >> dan: i am telling you man >> bill: the closest i ever came when i was covering war in croatia and the army undermel melosovich decided today bomb without warnings. when the first bombs started to fall,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3